How to Copy Visio Diagrams to PowerPoint

By Nick Davis

Visio lets you design diagrams for documents and PowerPoint slides.
i Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

A drawing application for Windows systems, Microsoft Visio also lets you print and export diagrams, blueprints and layouts into business documents, websites and presentations. The application even works seamlessly with PowerPoint — you can copy, or "link," an existing Visio diagram or drawing onto a PowerPoint slide. No special add-ons or third-party plug-ins are required. Once the PowerPoint slide or slides match your requirements, you can easily print the presentation, display the sildes on a monitor or share the presentation online.

Click on the “Visio” icon on your computer’s Desktop. Alternately, click “Start | All Programs | Microsoft Visio” to open the application, if it is closed. Click “File,” “Open” and navigate to the Visio diagram you want to copy and place onto a PowerPoint slide. Double-click the file’s name to open it.

Click on the “PowerPoint” icon on your computer’s Desktop or click “Start | All Programs | Microsoft PowerPoint” to open the application. Click “File,” “Open” and navigate to the PowerPoint file you want to copy the Visio drawing onto. Double-click the file’s name to open it.

Double-click the slide number you want to copy a Visio diagram or drawing onto. If you want to change the slide’s existing layout, click on the “Blank” or “Title-only” link above the wording “Slide Layout” on PowerPoint’s Ribbon – perform this portion of this step only if the slide’s layout is not to your liking. If you do not want to change the slide’s layout, proceed to the next step.

Click on the “Edit” tab and click “Paste Special.” Click “Paste Link” and then click “OK.” The Visio drawing will paste onto the slide. Click and drag one of the diagram’s corners to change the size of the drawing, if desired, or click and the drag the diagram to a location on the slide of your liking.

Click on the “Edit” tab once the Visio drawing is to your liking. Click “Links” and click “Automatic” to update the representation of the Visio diagram each time the PowerPoint presentation file is opened. This option ensures that the latest version of the Visio file is always displayed – in the event any changes have been made to the diagram that have not been copied to the PowerPoint presentation.

Click “Manual” if you would like to manually update the Visio diagram within the PowerPoint slide each time the presentation is opened. If you select this option, you will have to right-click on the Visio diagram and click “Update Link” each time you open the PowerPoint presentation to ensure the latest version of the Visio file is being used.

Click “File” and “Save” to save your PowerPoint Presentation once you are done copying and editing the Visio diagram.