How to Copy & Paste in AutoCAD

by David RipleyUpdated February 10, 2017
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Using copy and paste in AutoCAD, objects can be cut and pasted so they don't have to be redrawn. This can be performed with objects within a drawing or the entire drawing. Objects also can be copied between drawings. Use the Windows shortcuts or AutoCAD's tools available from the contextual sub menus. The AutoCAD copy-and-paste tools give further options to ensure the accuracy of your drawings.

Open the drawing you that contains the object you need to copy. Select the object or objects using whichever method best suits. To select everything in the drawing use "Ctrl+A."

Right click your mouse after the objects are selected. A contextual sub menu will appear. Select "Clipboard" and "Paste" and the object will be placed on the clipboard.

Open the drawing you want to add the object to. If it is a new drawing, it must be created and can be done with the original drawing still open.

Paste the object in the same drawing by right clicking again. From the sub menu choose "Clipboard>Paste." If you are pasting into a different drawing, on the "Ribbon> Home" tab, go to the Clipboard panel and choose "Paste." The object will appear by the cross hair cursor.

Left click to place the object into the drawing. The object's properties are also added. This includes the objects' color, layer, etc.


Control the accuracy of where you place the object by choosing "Clipboard>Copy with Basepoint." This allows you to choose which part of the object appears at the cross hairs cursor.


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