How to Convert Serial Port Printers to USB

By G.S. Jackson

Special adapters enable serial cables to plug in to USB ports.
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You want to plug a printer into the USB port of your PC, but all you have are older serial cable printers. Instead of using your company's resources, which are probably limited, you decide to buy USB-to-Serial adapters. These adapters convert serial connections, such as those used by older printers, to USB ready connections that will plug in to most any computer. For a few dollars, you can connect those older printers to your company's workstations without finding an expensive work around.

Turn off your computer.

Purchase a Serial-to-USB cable adapter.

Insert the serial cable from the printer into the serial end of the adapter. Ensure that the connection is secure, and the mounting screws on the serial plug are fastened to the holes on the serial port of the adapter.

Insert the USB end of the adapter in to a USB slot on your PC.

Turn on the PC. It will register the printer on the USB port. Install any drivers, if necessary.