How to Convert MP4 Tracks to CD Audio Tracks

by Andrew SchraderUpdated February 10, 2017
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MP4s, or MPEG-4s, can either be isolated audio and video tracks or combined audio and video. They are a standard for Apple QuickTime software and are most commonly compatible with iTunes and the iPod or iPhone file formats. Converting these tracks is not difficult using QuickTime Player, which allows users to export audio from MP4s for use in CD burning programs. Users can export to a number of different formats, depending on their needs, including WAV and AIFF files (Both are suitable for CD audio tracks).

Download and install QuickTime Player.

Agree to the licensing terms and open.

Click "File" then "Open File..." to locate your MP4 in the finder window.

Select and open in QuickTime (it will open in its own player window).

Click "File" then select "Export..." to bring up the "Save Exported File As..." menu.

Select "Sound to AIFF" or "Sound to Wave" in the "Export:" menu bar.

Click "Save" to begin the conversion process. Depending on your file's size, this may take several minutes.


WAVs are generally better quality files than AIFF versions.


No video will accompany your output.


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