How to Convert Microsoft Works File to Excel

By Maria Janelli

There are many different software applications that you can use when undertaking a particular task. You can use Open Office or Microsoft Word for word processing. You can use Adobe Photoshop or Gimp for image editing. You can use Thunderbird or Eudora for email. Choosing the right software for each job can sometimes be daunting. Worse than that though, is the challenge you face when you try to get your content out of one application and into another one. If you want to convert a Microsoft Works file into an Excel file, you're in luck. The process is quick and easy.

Save in Microsoft Works

Open your Microsoft Works file in Microsoft Works.

Click "File."

Click "Save As."

Select "XLS" as the format for the file.

Click "OK." A copy of your file has now been saved in the new format.

Close the file.

Open in Microsoft Excel

Open Microsoft Excel.

Click "File."

Click "Open."

Browse to the folder where the .xls file you previously created is located.

Double-click the file to open it.


If you're in the correct folder, but you can't see your file, click on "Microsoft Excel Files (.xls)" in the Files of Type list.