How to Convert AutoCAD to Revit

By Christian Hollendonner

Updated February 10, 2017

Drafting and modeling software like Revit and AutoCAD are dynamic design tools.
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Revit and AutoCAD by Autodesk are drafting and three-dimensional modeling programs used by engineers and architects. Often, it is necessary to convert an AutoCAD file into a Revit file or import an AutoCAD file into Revit for reference. It is important to understand how to import such reference files to make drafting and modeling easier and more accurate. By converting a CAD file to Revit, the designer can easily take measurements from the two-dimensional drawings and use them for their three-dimensional model.

Open Revit from your program files or by clicking a shortcut link on your desktop.

Open a new project by clicking "New" on the startup screen.

Select the "Insert" tab located in the top, left corner of your screen.

Select the "Import CAD" button under the "Import" sub tab located in the middle of the top of your screen. Notice that the "Import CAD Formats" window appears.

Select the CAD file you wish to convert by clicking on it and then selecting "Open" in the bottom, right corner of the window. Notice that an outline of the drawing appears on the screen attached to your mouse pointer.

Click once to place the drawing on the screen. You can manipulate the drawing by clicking on it and then clicking the "Manage" tab located at the top of your screen. Within the manage tab, you can rotate, scale or resize the drawing.

Save the file by clicking "File," then click "Save As." Name the file by typing it into the open text field and click "Save." Your AutoCAD file will now be saved as a Revit file.

Items you will need

  • AutoCAD Software

  • Revit Software