How to Convert a Standard Corded Land Line to a Cordless Headset

By Ken Burnside

Cordless headsets are much like cordless phones.
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Many businesses still have offices wired for landline phones. These traditional phones are cheaper to run, give better sound quality when connected, and can be tied into a PBX system for call forwarding to specific desks. Phones with cordless headsets are commonly used by small businesses, allowing customer service agents and warehouse workers to be reached at any location on the premises.

Locate the nearest phone jack to where you will be working with the cordless headset.

Plug a telephone cable into the phone jack; these cables are similar to Ethernet cables and can only be plugged in one way.

Plug the other end of the telephone cable into the base unit for the cordless headset.

Plug the power adapter for the base unit into the wall, and plug the smaller end of the AC adapter into the base unit. Turn on the base unit.

Put the headset onto the base unit's charging cradle, following the manufacturer's instructions. If the base unit and headset have options for multiple broadcast frequencies, follow the instructions and verify that they're set to the same frequency.

Wait for the headset to charge, and then put it on. Place a few test calls to make sure it functions as expected. Be sure to walk around the premises to identify areas where large metal obstructions such as filing cabinets or warehouse doors interfere with reception.

Items you will need

  • Cordless headset and base station.

  • Telephone cable.


Microwave ovens and wireless routers can cause interference on cordless phones and headsets.