How to Convert a Numbered List in Word to PowerPoint Slides

By Tricia Goss

Create professional slide shows quickly from existing outlines.
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If you prefer using Word to write up text or already have an outline that would translate into an effective presentation for any business requirement, you can simplify the process of creating a PowerPoint slide show. PowerPoint provides a built-in option that enables you to create slides directly from a numbered list in Word when the list is in outline format. PowerPoint converts Level 1 headings into slide titles and lower-level headings into bullet points.

Open the Word file containing the numbered list you want to use or open a new, blank document. Click on the "View" tab and select "Outline" in the Document Views group.

Add page titles by typing new items onto the list. Change a line of text from a page title to a bullet point by demoting it from Level 1 to a lower level. Click on the text you want to demote. Select the "Outlining" tab and click the "Demote" arrow in the Outline Tools group.

Save the Word file and close it. Start PowerPoint and open the presentation into which you want to convert the Word list or open a new, blank presentation.

Select the slide prior to the location where you want to insert the slides converted from the Word list. Select the "Home" tab and click the "New Slide" button in the Slides group.

Choose "Slides from Outline." Navigate to the location where you saved the Word outline file. Click on the document name and click "Insert." PowerPoint converts each list item into new slides.