How to Continuously Advertise on Craigslist

By Tara Kimball

Keeping your Craigslist ad up-to-date will increase its visibility.
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With a reported user base of over 60 million in the United States alone, Craigslist is a useful listing service that allows you to reach a broad number of people worldwide. Each Craigslist ad will expire from the listings after either seven, 30 or 45 days, depending on which section it's posted in. If you want to ensure that your ad remains continuously active and near the top of the listings, understand the renewal and re-posting process.

Create a Valid Listing

Any ad you post on Craigslist must meet the terms of use as well as the category-specific requirements. For example, it's a violation of the site terms to create an ad for anything illegal. Craigslist verifies some ads and may remove your listing if it violates the terms of use. Posting from a phone-verified account can reduce this risk, but the best protection is to ensure that your ads are legitimate, in the proper section, and not posted more often than every 48 hours.

Renewing the Ads

After your post has been active on the Craigslist site for 48 hours, you can renew it. Log in to your account to view your active advertisements or click the link in the confirmation email to access the edit panel for the listing. Click the "renew" link in the "Manage" section. Follow the system prompts, which may vary based on the section your ad appears in, to renew your post and return it to the top of the list.

Re-post Expired Ads

Despite the concept of renewing posts, the process doesn't reset the expiration date for your original ad. In fact, even if you renew your posts, they'll still expire at the appropriate time from the date of the initial listing. For example, if the category has an expiration period of 30 days, your ad will expire 30 days from the date that you first listed it, not 30 days from the time you last renewed it. If your ad expires, click the "repost" link, review the contents of the ad and follow the prompts to activate the listing again.

Avoid Flagging

The community flagging system on the Craigslist classified site can mistakenly lead to valid, quality ads being flagged for a variety of reasons. In most cases, you will receive an automated notice if your ad was removed from the system due to community flagging. In most instances, you can renew ads that are removed due to flagging. Review the management panel for the ad in question to see if you have the option.