How to Connect VHS VCR to Direct TV

By Randall Shatto

Updated February 10, 2017

Connecting your VHS VCR to DirecTV is a great way to view older movies. You can set up the VCR line to your TV and satellite service and simply switch your TV to whichever you prefer. With your remote, you can change to the movie in your VCR or find a program to watch on your DirecTV. The process takes approximately 15 minutes, and you don't need to hook up each device separately again.

Place the VCR and DirecTV box near each other. This depends on your entertainment setup. However, you can place the VCR on top of the DirecTV box or next to the device. Be aware of any vents on the top or bottom of your VCR and DirecTV box. Do not block the vents.

Hook the first coax cable to your "Antenna In" outlet on the back of the TV. This is your metal cable TV connector. Turn the coax until it is securely tight on the back of the TV.

Screw the other end of that coax cable into your VCR. Find the metal connection that is the "RF Out" or "Antenna Out." Tighten the end into the VCR until it will not turn anymore.

Use your second coax cable and fasten it to the "RF In" or "Antenna In" on the back of the VCR.

Screw the other end of the second coax cable into the "Out to TV" on the back of the DirecTV box. Be sure that all of the coax cables are tightly secured to the devices.

Plug your VCR into a surge protector. Then turn on the VCR.


Add your VCR to your universal remote. Instructions for this process are located in the remote manual. Change between your DirecTV and VCR by pressing the "Input" or "TV/Video" button on your remote.