How to Connect to Someone's PC With Telnet

By Ruri Ranbe

Telnet enables computers to connect to one another over a local or wide area network. The PC connecting to the remote computer is called the "client," and the remote computer being connected to is called the "server." Administrators can use telnet to configure network appliances or test transmission control protocol connections on individual workstations, while employees can use telnet to connect to an organization's or institution's mainframe. Telnet is accessible via Command Prompt.

Press "Windows-X," or point to the bottom left side of the screen and right-click the "Start" tile and select "Control Panel" from the context menu.

Click "Programs," then "Turn Windows Features On or Off." Enter an administrative password to continue, if prompted.

Select "Telnet Client" and then click "OK" to install telnet to Windows 8.

Press "Windows-X" and then click "Command Prompt (Admin)." Enter an administrative password or click "Yes" to continue, if prompted.

Input the following in to the console to connect to the remote server:

telnet [host name] [port]

Replace "[host name]" with the address of the server (for example ""), replace "[port]" with the port number required to establish a connection and then press "Enter."

Type your username and password, if applicable, to log in to the computer.


Contact your IT department to obtain the address and port number required to establish the telnet connection.