How to Connect Multiple PCs to a Wireless Printer

By Kirk Bennet

If you have multiple computers and laptops connected to your office network and a single wireless printer, you don't need to switch from one PC to another to print your documents. You can connect multiple PCs to the wireless printer and print your documents from each one of them, as long as the printer can be connected to the same network. You need the disc that came with the wireless printer to install the correct drivers on your computers and laptops.

Turn on the wireless printer and connect it to the wireless network. Each wireless printer has a different user interface, so consult the manual that came with the device to find out exactly how to connect it to the network.

Connect each PC to the wireless network by clicking the wireless network icon in the Notification Area on the Windows taskbar, selecting your network and then clicking "Connect." If the network is secured, type the correct password when prompted and then click "OK."

Insert the disc that came with the wireless printer into any one of the computers.

Install the printer drivers using this disc. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the drivers. The wireless printer is detected and configured automatically during the setup.

Install the printer drivers on all PCs that need to print through this wireless printer.


The printer drivers must be compatible with your operating system. If the drivers aren't compatible with your operating system, the printer may not be recognized, not work properly or suffer a number of other problems.