How To Connect Dynex TV to a VCR

By Contributing Writer

Updated February 10, 2017

RCA video cables are usually yellow in color.
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With technology like DVD players and Blu-Ray players, VCRs are no longer widely used. However, you still may use a VCR to view tapes and record television shows. In order to utilize a VCR, you'll need to properly connect the VCR to your Dynex TV. Because VCRs use analog video and audio connections, you'll have to connect the devices using an RCA cable. This cable is a standard yellow, red and white A/V cable.

Turn off your Dynex television and VCR. You'll want the devices you are connecting powered off before making any connections.

Plug in the RCA cable into your VCR's video and audio output jacks. Plug the yellow piece of the RCA cable into the round jack labeled "Video Out." Then plug the red and white pieces of the RCA jack into the jacks labeled "Audio Out."

Connect the opposite ends of the RCA cable into the Dynex TV's composite cable input jacks. These jacks are located on the back of your Dynex TV and are colored yellow, red and white. Plug each piece of the RCA cable with the corresponding video input or audio input jack on the Dynex TV.

Turn on both your VCR and Dynex TV.

Press the "Input" button in the upper-left corner of the Dynex remote control. This changes the input source of your TV. Press this button until you reach "Input 3," which is the input source your VCR is connected to. Your VCR is now properly connected to your Dynex TV.