How to Connect an HP Printer to an Apple Laptop

By Alex Zang

Your MacBook comes with two USB slots that allow you to connect to any device that uses USB, such as an HP printer. This means that you can connect to any HP printer and print off anything you may need for business, no matter where you are. While you may be able to connect to the HP printer simply by plugging the USB cable into your Apple laptop, you can also add it manually if the connection isn't created automatically.

Click the "Apple" icon, then select "Software Update." This will check for any HP printer updates that you may have missed.

Turn on your HP printer by pressing the "Power" button.

Connect your HP printer to your Apple computer with the USB cable.

Click the "Apple" icon and select "System Preferences."

Click on "Print and Scan."

Click on the plus icon. You may have to type in your administrator name and password.

Choose the HP printer you want to add from the provided list. Click "Add" and your HP printer will be connected to your Apple laptop.