How to Connect a TV, VCR, DVD & DIRECTV

By James Clark

Updated February 10, 2017

Use white, red and yellow composite cables to hook up the equipment.
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Hooking up a DirecTV satellite receiver to a TV with a DVD player and VCR requires a television with at least two sets of audio/video input jacks. The VCR connects between the DirecTV receiver and TV for recording and playback of programming on videotape. By connected the DVD directly to the TV with a separate set of jacks, the TV remote control can toggle between playback of DVDs, videotapes or watching satellite programming. Three sets of standard AV composite cables are needed.

Connect the three color-coded plugs on a set of cables from the AV Out jacks on the back of the DirecTV receiver to the Input or Record jacks on the VCR back panel, matching the plug colors to the jack colors.

Hook up a second set of composite cables from the Playback or AV Out jacks on the VCR to an unused set of inputs on the back of the TV. Most TV sets are equipped with three or more sets of jacks for connecting AV equipment, so take note of which set (Input 1, Input 2 and Input 3, for example) is used for the setup.

Connect the third set of composite cables from the DVD player's AV Out jacks to another set of input jacks on the TV.

Plug in the power cords and turn on all the components.

Press the "Input" or "Source" button on the TV remote control to switch between the DirecTV receiver and VCR, and the DVD player.


Turn on the VCR to watch DirecTV on the television.


Connect composite AV cables to all components before plugging in the power cords.