How to Connect a TV to a Bose Wave System With a CD Changer

By Jared Huizenga

Updated February 10, 2017

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Many people think that to get full surround sound from your TV set, you need to purchase a full home stereo system. But if you already have a Bose Wave system with a 5-disc CD changer, you can connect your TV–or other audio or video component–to the system and utilize it for more than listening to CDs or the radio. The setup for it is easy and everything you need to do it is included with the Bose Wave sound system.

Unplug your Bose Wave system from its power supply.

Insert the red and white connectors on the RCA cable to the red and white audio out jacks on the back of your TV.

Insert the red and white connectors on the other end of the RCA cable to one of the auxiliary jacks on the your Bose Wave system. The auxiliary jacks are located on the back of the system near the bottom right corner. Take note of which set of auxiliary jacks you plug your TV into, as you will need to tune your Bose Wave system to the correct one to hear your TV.

Plug your Bose Wave system back into its power supply.

Turn on your TV.

Press the “AUX1” or “AUX2” button on your Bose Wave system remote control put the system into auxiliary mode. You will push the button that corresponds to which set you plugged into your TV.

Items you will need

  • RCA cable (supplied with Bose Wave system)

  • TV with audio inputs/outputs

  • Bose Wave system remote control (supplied with Bose Wave system)


If you don’t connect red cable to red cable and white cable to white cable when you connect your TV to your Bose Wave system, you will not be able to hear your TV through your Bose Wave system.


Unplug your Bose Wave System before plugging your TV into it–if the system is left plugged in, it could cause damage to the TV.