How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to Speakers or Headset

By Anthony Oster

MIDI Keyboards are used by professional recording studios to create audio files for clients.
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Music Instrument Device Interface (MIDI) keyboards are used to create and record music for professional film and music productions. While MIDI keyboards are designed to connect to a computer, using a MIDI Audio Interface or amplifier can enable you to connect a MIDI keyboard to speakers or headphones. Once connected to an amplifier, you can practice and compose tracks before recording your composition via connection to your computer's MIDI software.

Insert the MIDI audio cable into your keyboard's "MIDI Out" port.

Insert the MIDI audio cable into your amplifier's "MIDI In" port, then plug the amplifier into a power source.

Connect your headphones or external speakers to the "Audio Out" port of your amplifier.

Items you will need

  • MIDI Cable

  • MIDI Audio Interface

  • External Speakers or Headphones


Some MIDI amplifiers have built-in speaker, preventing you from needing to purchase separate speakers or headphones.

Some computer sound cards can act as an amplifier.