How to Connect a Flickr Photo Album to a Facebook Album

By Rebecca Mecomber

Flickr offers no native method of directly duplicating and importing all your Flickr photos to your Facebook photo albums. You can, however, customize your Flickr account to share new photos and display links automatically to your album sets with your Facebook clients and fans. A client who clicks on the shared image or album set will be redirected to your Flickr page to view your content. This feature eliminates the onerous task of manually uploading photos to both accounts.

Log in to your Flickr account and click on your username to view your account information.

Click the "Sharing and Extending" tab.

Click "Connect" within the Facebook section. Log in to your Facebook account when prompted. Click "Continue."

Upload a new photo to Flickr by clicking the "Upload" link. Select your image and save it. Flickr automatically sends the image to your viewers on your Facebook page.

Share an existing Flickr album set by navigating to the set you want to share. Click the "Share" button and select the Facebook icon from the list. Include a message in the new dialog window, if you wish. Click "Post."


Flickr will share only photos and album sets that have been set as "public." If you want to keep certain photos and sets from appearing on your Facebook account, make the Flickr content private. To make a photo private, click the photo in your photo stream and click "edit" next to "Anyone can see this." Click "Only you" and click "Save."