How to Completely Block People From Messaging You on Facebook & From Looking at Your Profile

By C. Taylor

Changing Facebook privacy options deters Facebook stalkers.
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Your Facebook business page is backed by your personal profile, which potentially sends visitors to your profile and creates a privacy concern. While you can block individual users to prevent them from viewing your profile and messaging you, that option is impractical on a larger scale. Fortunately, Facebook offers privacy settings to keep everyone except friends from sending you messages or viewing your profile.

Message Settings

Log in to your personal Facebook account and click "Messages."

Click "Other" at the top of the left pane.

Click "Edit Preferences."

Click "Strict Filtering" and then "Save." This option allows only friends to message you, but you may occasionally receive messages from people that include you in a message to a mutual friend, group members or someone using the Facebook Messenger app.

Profile Settings

Click the "Options" gear icon at the top of your Facebook account and select "Privacy Settings."

Click "Edit" next to "Who Can See Your Future Posts?"

Click the audience selector and choose "Friends" or "Only Me," depending on your preferences. This option does not protect previous posts.

Click "Limit Past Posts" and then "Limit Old Posts."

Click "Confirm" and then "Close" to make old posts available only to friends.

Blocking a Specific Person

Click the "Privacy Options" icon, which looks like a lock at the top of your profile, and select "How Do I Stop Someone From Bothering Me?"

Type a name or email and click "Block."

Choose the person from the list to block him.


You can also block a person by clicking the "Options" drop-down menu on the person's timeline and selecting "Report/Block."

You might also consider changing both "Who Can Look Me Up?" options in the Privacy Settings to enable only friends to search for you and prevent your timeline from being visible to search engines.