How to Combine Slides in PowerPoint Onto a Single Printed Sheet

By Shawn McClain

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to build a slide show and then present it to your business clients, partners or employees. You either present the slide show in person or send the PowerPoint file. If the presentation includes slides with information large enough to be seen when you shrink the slide, you can also choose to print out a single sheet containing up to nine individual PowerPoint slides. This helps you create a handout of your presentation, which is useful when you have minimal time to present. Doing so requires changing the program's print settings.

Click "File" at the top of the PowerPoint presentation after opening the software. Select "Print" from the sidebar that appears.

Click the first button under the "Settings" heading to set up which slides you will print. To print your entire presentation, choose "Print all Slides" from the options that appear. To print specific pages, choose "Custom Range" and then enter the slide numbers for the slides that you want to print, separated by commas, in the text box below this print menu option.

Click the second option that reads "Full Page Slides" as default below the "Settings" heading to select slides to print to a single sheet. Choose one of the nine options that appear, ranging from a single slide up to nine slides configured vertically or horizontally on each page. After making your selection, click this second option again and select "Scale to Fit Paper" to expand the slides slightly to fill the entire page. A preview of the layout appears on the right side of the screen, to allow changes as necessary.

Click "Collated" to choose between collated printing or non-collated printing, then click "Color" to choose between color and black and white printing.

Click "Print" at the top of the screen to print your sheet.