How to Combine a Yahoo and Rocketmail Account

By Melissa King

Yahoo helps you manage your RocketMail and other email accounts.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

RocketMail, developed in 1996, was one of the earliest free email clients. Yahoo acquired RocketMail in 1997, and until 2008, no one could sign up for a new RocketMail account. Using both a RocketMail and a Yahoo account for your business necessitates organizing multiple emails, contacts and files. Managing two separate email accounts takes extra time and cuts into your productivity. Yahoo enables you to connect your RocketMail account to your Yahoo account. This procedure is a workaround and doesn't fully combine the two accounts, but when connected, you can receive and send RocketMail emails in your Yahoo inbox.

Sign in to your Yahoo account and click "Options" in the top-left corner. Click "Mail Options" in the drop-down menu.

Click "Mail Accounts" under Advanced Options, then click "+Add."

Type a name for your RocketMail account that will help you identify it. No one else will see this name.

Enter your RocketMail email address in the next box, then click "Continue."

Click "Skip This, Set Up to Send Only" if you only want to send RocketMail emails from your Yahoo account. If you choose this option, you won't receive any RocketMail emails at this account.

Enter your RocketMail username and password in the appropriate fields if you want to receive email at your Yahoo account. Leave the POP Server field blank.

Click the "Deliver Email To:" drop-down menu and select a Yahoo folder to contain your RocketMail messages.

Select advanced options, if desired. For example, if you have filters turned on in Yahoo, select "User Filters" to apply them to all incoming RocketMail messages. Select "Retrieve New Messages Only" to receive only unread RocketMail emails in your Yahoo account.

Click "Save" to finish setup and apply your chosen settings.


To send an email from your RocketMail account, click "Compose" in your Yahoo account. Click on the arrow next to "From" and select your RocketMail address.