How to Combine 2 Spreadsheets to Make One in Excel

By Filonia LeChat

You have multiple reasons to create spreadsheets to track business data, but it helps you remain organized and reduce duplication when you combine spreadsheets. The process of combining two spreadsheets into one takes two routes in Microsoft Excel. The merging is dependent on whether you’re combining shared spreadsheets – workbooks that your employees may be currently sharing – or if you simply want to perform a quick copy and paste from any sheet to the other, without any ties between the two.

Shared Spreadsheets

Launch Excel and open one of the spreadsheets to merge. This spreadsheet must be one that is shared throughout your business network and should have a different file name from the one with to be combined with it.

Check your quick access toolbar for a small green orb, the “Compare and Merge Workbooks” button. If you do not see it, click the “File” tab and select “Options.” Click the “Quick Access Toolbar” link on the left side of the window, then pull down the “Choose commands from” menu at the top and select “All Commands.” Scroll to “Compare and Merge Workbooks,” double-click it so it appears on the right side column, then click the “OK” button to add it to the toolbar.

Click the “Compare and Merge Workbooks” button, which opens the “Select Files to Merge into Current Workbook” window.

Scroll to the other version of the spreadsheet to combine with this one and double-click it. The two spreadsheets are merged.

Click the “File” tab and select “Save As.” Retitle this new combined spreadsheet so you do not overwrite either of the originals.

Single Spreadsheets

Launch Excel and open one of the spreadsheets to merge.

Click the “Select All” button, the small triangle in the corner between the “A” and “1” column and row headers in the top corner of the grid, to highlight all the cells. Right-click and select “Copy.”

Open the spreadsheet into which to copy the information. Move your cursor to where you want to add the copied information, right-click and select “Paste.” The two spreadsheets are now combined. Depending on the size of your first spreadsheet, data and cells have shifted to the right or down.