How to Color Code Calendar Entries in Google Calendar

By John Granby

Google provides several collaborative options for free that are useful for small businesses. With a Google account you can create an online calendar and create documents. You can create sub-calendars for specific project milestones or maybe delivery schedules. You can then share your calendar with coworkers or customers. You can also look at other calendars that other people share with you to give you insight on their daily meeting schedule or planned time out of the office. Google calendar makes it easy to assign specific colors to each calendar as well as each event within calendars, which is a great help to visually separate items to make the data easier to read.

Modify Color Code for Existing Event

Navigate to you Google Calendar in your Web browser.

Click on the event you want to modify and click on the small downward-facing arrow that is to the left of the event title at the top of the pop-up window.

Click on the color you would like. If the event you have selected is a recurring event, such as a weekly meeting, you will be asked if you want to change the color for only the day you clicked or for all future events as well. Make your selection and your color will be changed for the event.

Changing Color for New Event

Create a new event by clicking the calendar on the day you want the event to occur.

Click "Edit Event" at the bottom of the dialog box that appears.

Enter all of your event's details and select the color code you want from the Event Color pallet.

Click "Save" at the top of the window when you are finished creating your event and assigning your color code.