How to Close a Group Chat on Facebook

By Tricia Goss

A Facebook group chat can involve your whole team.
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You can chat with members of a Facebook group or you can have a group conversation with some of your Facebook friends. Start a chat with a Facebook group by selecting the gear icon on the menu of the group page and clicking "Send Message." Chat with a group of people from your Friends list by starting a chat with one friend and selecting "Add Friends to Chat" from the chat window menu. No matter which type of group chat you are enjoying, you can leave the conversation and close the chat window when you are done.

Log in to Facebook and click the "Messages" icon on the menu bar. Select the group conversation.

Click the "Actions" drop-down arrow at the top of the conversation window.

Select "Leave Conversation" to close the chat window and stop receiving messages from others in the group. Select "Delete Conversation" and click "Delete Conversation" again on the confirmation window if you want to close the chat and remove all copies of the conversation.