How to Close a Cox WebMail Account

By Jennifer Leighton

It's time to close your Cox WebMail account -- but doing so may prove to be a non-intuitive process, unfortunately. The Cox WebMail support pages do not cover the steps required to close a WebMail account, even though the process is actually quite simple. Closing your Cox WebMail account is generally problem-free and should take just a few minutes.

Log in to your Cox Webmail account, and then select "Preferences."

Select "General Email Preferences" in the drop-down menu. A list of all email accounts that you have administrative access to displays.

Select the email address you want to delete and choose "Delete Account" from the pop-up menu. When the "Are You Sure You Want to Delete This Cox WebMail Account?" message displays, Click "Yes." The account is immediately deleted and you are returned to the Cox login page.