How to Clear Yahoo Web Search History

By Kathryn Hatter

Clear Yahoo! search history through your browser or the toolbar.
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Internet users who utilize the Yahoo! web search feature as an addition to a web browser may want to clear the search history from time to time. Because the Yahoo! search box is an addition to a web browser, you can clear the Internet search history through your web browser and possibly through the Yahoo! toolbar. Clear Yahoo! web search history quickly by utilizing the privacy tools in your web browser or the search tools in the toolbar.

Internet Explorer

Open the Internet Explorer browser and click “Tools” in the upper-right corner of the web browser.

Select “Internet Options” at the bottom of the next window and then select the “Content” tab.

Find the “Auto Complete” section and click “Settings.”

Remove the check mark from the box preceding “Forms.”

Click “OK” two times to exit the Internet Explorer tools interface.

Mozilla Firefox

Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click the “Tools” tab at the top of the browser.

Choose “Options” and then click the “Privacy” tab.

Click the arrow to the right of the drop-down menu to the right of “Firefox Will:” and then select “Never Remember History.”

Select “OK.”


Depending upon the Yahoo! search toolbar you use with your Internet browser, you may be able to delete the search history directly within the browser. Click the “Tools” icon in the toolbar and click the “Search” tab. Click the “Clear” link to the right of “Search History” to clear the search history directly in the toolbar.