How to Cite a Book on PowerPoint

By Ryan Menezes

Cite books to add legitimacy to your presentation.
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Many PowerPoint files end with a "Works Cited" slide to list the presentation's references. If you just need to cite a single book, however, you can cite your source using a footnote at the relevant slide's base. For example, to back up a statement on market trends, you can place the title, author and publisher of a book that supports your premise in a footnote. This arrangement displays the data and reference at the same time, which helps your audience, who cannot flip to a bibliography during the presentation's broadcast.

Click the text box that contains the text whose source you want to cite.

Press "Ctrl-Shift-+" to change to superscript mode, and then type a symbol, such as the number "1".

Click "Insert" in the ribbon, and then click "Text Box" in the Text group. Drag the cursor over the bottom of the slide to create a new text box.

Press "Ctrl-Shift-+" to change to superscript mode, and then type the earlier symbol again. Press "Ctrl-Shift-+" to leave superscript mode.

Type your citation using your choice of style. To cite a book using APA Citation Style, type the author and the year of publication, followed by the uncapitalized title, the city of publication and the publisher's name. The APA offers the following as a sample citation:

Okuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1993). Star trek chronology: The history of the future. New York, NY: Pocket Books.