How to Check Your Followers on LinkedIn

By Matt Koble

The LinkedIn professional networking site helps you to network with business professionals, employees and potential hires. Your LinkedIn page's Followers -- known as your Contacts and Connections -- are the backbone of your network. To keep your information updated, t's important to regularly check and keep track of your contacts. While viewing your Contacts, you can select the person to view her profile or send a message through LinkedIn.

Click "Contacts" from your LinkedIn home page. This takes you to a page listing all of your connections.

Click the "Connections" tab if you aren't automatically taken there. These are your first-degree connections -- those you've personally added to your Connections list.

Click the "Imported Contacts" tab to see contacts you've imported through an email address book. Click "Profile Organizer" to organize your contacts and LinkedIn content if you have a premium LinkedIn account.


Your LinkedIn network is actually much larger than just those on your Connections list. LinkedIn uses three degrees of connection to create your network. Your first degree connections are those who appear in the Connections List. Second degree connections are people you aren't directly connected to, but are connected to someone on your list of connections. Third degree connections are people connected to your second degree connections.