How to Check Your Active Sessions on Facebook

By Joshua Phillips

When you maintain a Facebook page for your business, your security practices don't just affect you, they affect your business too; if an unauthorized user accessed your business page, he could cause irreparable damage. If you have accidentally left your Facebook page open at another location, you can use Facebook's Active Sessions feature to end any open sessions of your Facebook account. However, you cannot check your Active Sessions from your business page; you must first switch to your personal Timeline to access your security settings.

Open the Account menu and switch to your personal timeline Facebook page.

Open the Account menu and click "Account Settings."

Click "Security."

Click "Active Sessions" to view a list of all open sessions of your Facebook page.

Click "End Activity" next to an open sessions to end it.


Enable extra security features, such as Login approvals and Login Notifications, to further increase the security of your Facebook account (see Resources).