How to Check Twitter Replies

By Marie Cartwright

Twitter on your phone can help you to stay in touch when you're out.
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If you're wondering who's talking about your latest 140-character Tweets, a few simple methods will help keep tabs on your @replies. Aside from Twitter's built-in "Mentions" feed, which updates automatically, you can employ some third-party help so you don't miss a minute of the conversation. Whether you use Twitter for news, business or gossip, keeping up on your replies is essential to getting the most out of your Twitter account.

Click the "Mentions" tab on your Twitter homepage. The "Mentions" tab will display every reply and Tweet that mentions your Twitter handle.

Set up reply alerts on your phone. Click your Twitter handle to open a drop-down menu. Select "Settings." This will load the Settings page. Click the "Mobile" tab. If you have not previously configured your cellphone to receive messages from Twitter, enter your phone number as directed. Once your phone is linked with Twitter, check the "Mentions and replies" box. Choose whether you want to receive messages for all replies or only replies from people you know. Click "Save." You will now receive a text message whenever you are sent a reply.

Use a desktop Twitter client to keep track of replies without having Twitter up on your browser. A Twitter client is an application that runs on your desktop and sends you an alert (a sound, a pop-up or both) whenever someone has replied to you. You can also use a Twitter client to send Tweets and monitor your Twitter feed. Clients include DestroyTwitter, TweetDeck and twhirl (see Resources).