How to Check and Delete Internet History on an iPod Touch

by KR Knowlin ; Updated February 10, 2017

When using your iPod Touch to surf the Internet, the Safari browser maintains a history of all the sites you visit. The history is useful if you want to revisit a site and don't remember the URL used to access it. However, it also leaves a trail that others with access to your Touch might view to learn about the sites you visit. Nevertheless, whether you want to delete your history or simply review it on the Touch, you can do so with only a few taps.

Check Internet History

Tap "Safari" to open the Web browser on your iPod touch. Tap the "Bookmarks" icon on the bottom toolbar to load the Bookmarks page.

Select "History." The History page loads displaying a folder for each date you've accessed Safari.

Tap a folder to view the Internet history for that date.

Tap the "Done" button to return to the Safari home page.

Delete Internet History

Tap "Settings."

Select "Safari," and the tap "Clear History."

Tap the "Clear History" button again when the action confirmation message appears to delete your Internet history.

Browse History with Forward and Back Buttons

Open Safari.

Tap and hold the Back (<)" button to view a list of sites you visited previously.

Tap the link in the history list of the site you want to revisit.

Tap and hold the "Forward (>)" button to navigate forward in your browser history or back to the page from which you started.

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