How to Charge an iPod Without the Charger

by Bennett Gavrish ; Updated February 10, 2017

Many iPod owners purchase a charging unit that plugs into a standard wall outlet to recharge the iPod's battery. However, the iPod wall charger is not included with new purchases, so consumers must either purchase a separate charger or find a way to charge their iPod using other means. Here's a simple method to charge your iPod using your computer.

Plug the iPod USB cable into the bottom of your iPod.

Plug the other end of the iPod USB cable into a free USB port on your Mac or PC computer.

Open the iTunes program by clicking on the icon in the Dock on a Mac or using the Start menu on a PC.

Click on the name of your iPod under the "Devices" heading in the main iTunes window.

Click on the "Sync" button to synchronize your iPod with your computer data. While the iPod is syncing, the power from the USB port on your computer will charge your iPod's battery.

Unplug your iPod from the computer once the battery is fully charged.

Items you will need

  • Mac or PC computer

  • iPod USB cable


  • If you are using a laptop to charge your iPod, the laptop's battery will drain faster than normal.

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