How to Change "Viewers of This Profile Also Viewed"

By Brandy Alexander

Your LinkedIn profile gives you the option to display a "People Also Viewed" (formerly "Viewers of This Profile Also Viewed") box on the right side of your profile page. When visitors look at a profile, LinkedIn displays a list of some of the other profiles that these people have also looked at. This helps increase your business's visibility when customers view another member's profile and see your page listed in that person's "People Also Viewed" box. You can change your account settings to add this feature; otherwise, remove it if you prefer not to display the box on your page.

Log in to your LinkedIn account, hover the cursor over your name and click the "Settings" link. This action brings you to the page where you can manage your account information.

Click the "Show or Hide 'Viewers of This Profile Also Viewed' Box" link and then click the "Display 'Viewers of this Profile Also Viewed' Box on My Profile Page" box to activate this setting. Alternately, click the box to remove the existing check mark and disable this feature.

Click the "Save Changes" button. The "People Also Viewed" box is now removed or added to your profile according to the selection you chose.


You might want to remove the "People Also Viewed" box if this feature includes individual names that you don't want to have on your page.

You can see the profiles associated with your own profile by viewing your page the way others see it. To do so, click the "Profile" tab and then click your LinkedIn URL to go to your public page.


If the goal of your LinkedIn profile is to attract more visitors to your business, be aware that removing this feature prevents your name from displaying in other members' "People Also Viewed" box. This may result in a decrease of traffic to your page.