How to Change the Wireless Password in Windows XP

By J.S. Copper

Updated February 10, 2017

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As with any other password you use on a regular basis, it is a smart idea to constantly change your network password to deter others from accessing your network. Windows XP allows you to set up “Preferred Networks,” which essentially means that XP saves the login information and automatically connects to the networks as soon as they are connected. If you have changed your wireless network password within your wireless router, you will need to reflect these changes in Windows XP.

Open the “Control Panel” via the Windows Start menu. Select “Network Connections.”

Right-click “Wireless Network Connection.” Select “View Available Wireless Networks.” Click “Advanced...”

Open the “Wireless Networks” tab. Highlight the network within “Preferred Networks.” This is a list of networks your computer is configured to automatically connect to (the passwords are saved). Click “Remove” to remove your home network. Click “OK” and navigate back to the “View Available Wireless Networks” window.

Select your home network from the list of available networks and click “Connect.” You will be prompted for the new password. Enter it and select “Remember this network.” Click “Connect.” Windows XP will now remember the new password and automatically connect to the network whenever in range.

Items you will need

  • Windows XP

  • Wireless network password