How to Change the Time on an Avaya Phone System

By William Pullman

Businesses that use an Avaya multi-line phone system have phones with display screens that show various information, including the time. An incorrect time display on the phone could confuse employees, as well as report the incorrect time when voicemail messages were recorded. The Avaya phone system is set up so that you can make programming changes, including the time, from the phones attached to extension 10 or 11.

Press the "Feature" button and then "0" twice on the phone at extension 10 or 11 to enter programming mode. Avaya phone systems use two-digit extensions, making 10 and 11 the first two extensions on the system. Changing the time on one of the two extensions affects all of the phones in the system.

Push the left "Intercom" button twice, and then dial "#103."

Enter the time using the 24-hour format. For example, if the time is 2:30 PM, press "1430" on the phone.

Press "Feature" and then "0" twice to exit programming mode.