How to Change the Font Color of Captions on Windows Movie Maker

By Kefa Olang

Adding captions to an employee training video -- or to a video that describes products and services to your customers -- can help viewers understand your video's content. Changing the captions' font color can enhance specific video sequences, and can also help if the onscreen text's font isn't as visible with certain colors, or if you simply prefer something a little more creative. Whatever your reason, changing font color in Windows Movie Maker takes minutes to complete.

Open your Windows Movie Maker project. Drag the mouse across the timeline to view your video's captions.

Double-click the caption located below a video clip or image on the timeline. The text box opens with the caption you had previously written.

Highlight the entire caption in the text box, and then click the "A" button that displays the caption's current color below it. A variety of font colors to choose from appear.

Click the color you want to change the caption fonts to, and then click outside of the text box to save your changes.


You must edit each caption individually, so repeat these steps to change the font colors for other captions.