How to Change Skype Notification when a New Message Arrives on XP

By Lori Kaufman

Skype is a highly customizable program; you can even change the notification sounds used by the program. If you don't like the way Skype notifies you that a new message has arrived, you can edit the notification settings and choose a different notification. Furthermore, you can disable the notification altogether. If you're at the office, you may want to use a less obvious notification to avoid distracting your employees.

Launch Skype and log in to your Skype account. Click "Tools" and choose "Options" from the menu to open the Skype Options window.

Click "Notifications" in the left pane and then click the "Sounds" sub-section.

Select the "Incoming IM" notification in the "Select Which Events Play a Sound" box. If you want to disable the notification, remove the check mark in front of it and click "Save."

Select a different sound in the "Choose Which Sound to Play" drop-down box. To preview the sound, click "Play this Sound" after you select it. The default sound for incoming messages is "Skype IM Received (Modern)."

Click "Save" to save the new settings. The Skype Options window closes automatically.


To use your own sound, click the "Import Sounds" button, double-click the audio file to add the sound to the My Custom Sounds list and then select the sound from the "Choose Which Sound to Play" drop-down box.

To use the default sounds, click the "Reset All to Default" button and then click "Save."

Click "Mute All Sounds" if you want to mute all sounds; you will no longer receive any audio notifications.