How to Change Ownership of a Used iPod

by Andrew Smith ; Updated February 10, 2017

When a new iPod is first synced with the audio software program iTunes, ownership of that device is established when the owner enters a name for that iPod. That name then appears in iTunes whenever the device is synced with the program. Just as with establishing ownership of a new iPod, you can change the name of a used iPod by syncing it with your iTunes software as well.

Download iTunes if the program isn't already installed on your computer. This software is free to download.

Open iTunes by double clicking the shortcut icon that will be created on your computer's desktop.

Plug the used iPod into your computer's USB port.

Click on the name of the used iPod underneath the category labeled “Devices.” The name will be highlighted.

Click the name once more and it will turn into a text box.

Type in a new name of your choice and then press “Enter” to change ownership of that used iPod.

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