How to Change Location on Craigslist

By Anthony Oster

Promote your business across state lines by changing locations on Craigslist.
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Craigslist gives businesses and individuals the ability to post and read classified ads for products, services and even job openings. While Craigslist will automatically choose a location based on your geographic location, you can post your ads to other cities and expand your client base by posting to Craigslist in a different area.

Navigate to

Click the "Craigslist" link at the top of the site to see the list of locations where Craigslist is available.

Click on the name of the city or state in which you would like to post. You will see a list of clickable categories such as "Housing," "Jobs" and "Services."


Posting the same ad in two locations is against Craigslist's terms of use. Multiple posts will be flagged and removed.