How to Change Google Language From Japanese to English

By Melissa King

Google Accounts supports dozens of different languages.
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On your Google Account settings page, you can change the language that displays when you access your profile, activity and certain Google services. This is useful if you share your Google Account with a bilingual business partner or employee. If you accidentally set the language to one you can't read, such as Japanese, you may want to change it back to English.

Go to the Google Accounts sign-in page (link in Resources). Sign in to your account.

Scroll down to the "Language" section. This is the third section down from the top of the page.

Click "English (United States)" or "English (United Kingdom)."

Reload the page to apply the language change.


You can add primary and secondary languages to your Google Account to switch between English and Japanese more quickly. On the settings page, click "Add Another Language," and then choose a secondary language.

If your language change doesn't take effect, you may need to erase your browser's cache and cookies. Instructions for this vary depending on the Web browser you use.