How to Change From a Built-In Microphone to a Headset Microphone

By Ruri Ranbe

You can also switch to a Bluetooth wireless headset; the device doesn't have to be directly connected to the PC.
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Most notebooks and netbooks manufactured in recent years come with both an onboard sound card -- a device that enables the computer to process audio signals -- and a built-in microphone connected to the card. Like most hardware integrated into the computer, however, built-in microphones often come up short in terms of performance when compared to an external headset microphone. To make it easier for clients to hear you when participating in video chat, or to create promotional or instructional videos with high-quality sound, switch the audio recorder to an external mic.

Connect your headset to your computer, either directly via a plug inserted into the microphone port, or via Bluetooth.

Click Start, type "sound" into the search box and then select "Sound" or "Change Sound Card Settings" from the results.

Click the "Recording" tab. Select your headset and then click "Set Default."

Click "OK" to switch your microphone from the built-in device to the headset.