How to Change an Answering Machine Message

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Updated February 10, 2017

An answering machine is a device which will answer the phone on your behalf after a certain number of rings. It will play a recorded message for your callers before it is ready to record their message. You can use the manufacturer's preset automated message or you can change it by recording your own outgoing message.

Compose your message ahead of time. If not, you may end up stumbling, looking for the right words while you are recording your message or leaving out some important details. Composing your message before you begin recording will save you from having to record several messages before you find one with which you are satisfied.

Make it easy for your callers to listen your message. Record your message in a relatively quiet room without background noise. Speak loudly and clearly. For the benefit of callers who don't have much time, make your message as brief and to the point as possible.

Begin the recording process by first locating the "Change" button on your answering machine. This button initializes the answering machine for adjustments to the settings of the various features.

Locate the microphone on your answering machine and lean towards it until you are about nine inches away.

Locate the "Annc" button. Press and hold the "Annc" button until it beeps. Begin recording your message.

Watch the message window while you are recording your message. It keeps track of how much time has elapsed since you began recording. You can record a message that is up to three minutes long.

Locate the "Stop" button and press it when you have finished recording your message. The answering machine will play your message back at this point. If you are not satisfied with your message, repeat the steps to record it again.

Press "Annc" if you want to listen to your message again.


When recording your answering machine message, keep in mind the kind of people from whom you will be expecting calls. If you are in the process of looking for a job, for example, your message should be appropriate for calls from potential employers.


For your own safety, avoid using personal or private information in your outgoing message. Use the AC adapter that is compatible with your answering machine. Anything with a higher or lower voltage may damage your machine.