How to Change an Account Type in PayPal

By Morgan O'Connor

Change your PayPal account type to one that best suits your uses.
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PayPal -- a service that allows you to make and receive various payments online -- offers several different account types. Your choices include personal, premier and business accounts. All of the account types allow you to send payments and accept credit or debit card payments, but personal accounts only offer limited merchant services and PayPal debit card access. Only business accounts allow multi-user access. If you already have a PayPal account but don't think it's the right choice for you, don't worry -- you can change your PayPal account type in a matter of minutes.

Navigate to the PayPal site (see Resources) and login to your PayPal account. You should see a line welcoming you by name. Immediately below your name, you'll see another line stating your account type. If you have a personal account, the word "Upgrade" should immediately appear after your account type. Click on this link to open a new page explaining the differences between business and premier accounts.

Click on the "Upgrade Now" button near the bottom of the new page. A new webpage subsequently opens where you can upgrade your existing personal account to a premier or business account.

Select your preferred upgrade option, then click the "Continue" button. If you selected to upgrade to a business account, you'll need to provide additional information about your business. Click "Continue" again when you're done. You have now successfully upgraded your account type from personal to premier or business.


You cannot downgrade your account type from premier or business to personal using this method. Instead, you must call PayPal at 888-221-1161. You can only downgrade your account once, so make sure you want to do so before calling PayPal to change back to a personal account.