How to Change a Tumblr Blog to Private

By David Nield

David Karp is the founder of the Tumblr blogging platform.
i Nadine Rupp/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Blogs created on the Tumblr platform can be set as public (anyone on the web can access them) or private (only those with the associated password can see the content). Setting a blog as private is a useful way of restricting access to sensitive company information. A password-protected blog can also be used as a premium extra for trusted clients or customers, which could contain additional resources and material, for example. Your company's Tumblr blog can be switched back to public at any time.

Log in to your Tumblr account and select the blog you want to make private from the list in the dashboard. If you can't see the relevant blog, click the small list icon to see the titles of all of the blogs associated with your Tumblr account.

Click "Blog Settings" to configure the options for the selected blog. Check the "Password protect this blog" option under the Password heading.

Enter the password required to gain access to the blog. As authorized visitors will need to enter this each time, keep it memorable, though the longer the password is the more difficult it is for an outsider to crack.

Click "Save" to confirm your choice and make the Tumblr blog private. A password prompt will now appear whenever someone loads the blog's URL.


Only secondary Tumblr blogs can be set as private. The primary blog associated with your account (the first one you created after registering) must remain public. New blogs are created from the Tumblr dashboard.

Any links to your private Tumblr blog or to individual posts within it (from Twitter or Facebook for example) will display the password prompt.

To keep unauthorized users off your private Tumblr blog, change the password on a regular basis. Should someone guess or otherwise get hold of the password, this will lock them out again.

Individual Tumblr blog posts can be set as private if you don't want to apply this setting to the entire blog. The private option is available from the "Publish now" drop-down menu on the post creation screen. Only you, other blog administrators and members can see private posts from the Tumblr dashboard.

For added security and privacy, disable search engine indexing of your blog. This option can be found on the Blog Settings screen.


Other Tumblr users cannot reblog material posted to your private blog. However there is nothing to stop visitors saving or copying images and text and republishing it elsewhere.