How to Change a Saved Number in a Brother MFC Fax Machine

By Ruri Ranbe

You can program phone numbers on your Brother MFC device using either the One Touch or Speed Dial options. For example, if your business frequently sends faxes to a particular client or vendor, you can program the MFC to dial the contact when the "5" button is pressed. If you have entered incorrect information for a contact, or if the contact has changed his phone number, you can edit the stored number from the control panel.

Press "Menu," "2," "3" and then "1" on the control panel to change a One Touch number. Alternatively, press "Menu," "2," "3" and then "2" to change a Speed Dial number.

Enter the appropriate Speed Dial location and then push "OK," or press the applicable one-touch number.

Press "1." Use the navigation pad to select the character to change. Press "Clear/Back" to erase the character.

Type the new character. Repeat this procedure to change additional characters in the number.

Press "OK" to confirm your changes, and then press "STOP/EXIT" to quit.


To completely erase a phone number and replace it with a new one, position the cursor under the last character of the stored number and then press "Clear/Back" until all characters have been deleted.

To program One Touch numbers 21 through 40, hold down "Shift" and then press the applicable button.