How to Change a Homepage With GoDaddy

By Richard Bashara

Failing to update your links could lead users to 404 errors.
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If you want to change your landing page for a specific sale your company is holding, or you want to try some A/B testing to determine which landing page is most effective, you can use the your content management system to upload and make your changes. If you don’t want to use your content management system, a program like Filezilla FTP can also deploy your changes for you. You can change your home page as often as you wish, but be sure to update the links on your website each time you do so.

Connect to your website’s backend. In some cases this could mean your cPanel, but you may require an FTP like FileZilla. If you are connecting to cPanel, enter your username and password. For FTP connections, enter the domain you are connecting to under “Host” in your FTP program and then enter your username and password.

Navigate to the “Public_html” locate your default page. According to GoDaddy, your page could be named “Default,” “Index,” “Home” or “Welcome.” The file extension of your page will be the same as the rest of your site, for example HTML websites would end in .html and php websites would end in .php.

Rename your old homepage and upload a new file. For cPanel users, highlight the default page file and click on “Rename.” FTP users need to right-click on the name of the file and select “Rename” from the drop-down menu to change the name of the file.


Always keep a backup of your website on a local computer.

When you need to change links, open your HTML or PHP pages in a Notepad document, and update the URLs to point to your new homepage. Look for the “href” tag and replace the existing “Home” link with your updated page. Then use an FTP like Filezilla to upload your site and deploy the changes.

If you use WordPress as your content management system, you can change your home page from your theme menu. Hover over “Appearance” and click on the options for your theme from the drop-down menu.