How to Change a Facebook Link After Posting

By Brandy Alexander

When you submit a link on your Facebook business page, you can't change it after it's published. You can, however, delete your entry and then submit it again with a different or correct URL. This helps if you submit the wrong website address by mistake when you initially post it or if you need to update your business links for your customers. Modify your link in a post or in the About section of your Facebook business page to make the changes you require.

Changing Post Link

Log in to your Facebook business page account with your page identity.

Hover over a desired post and click the "Edit or Remove" button that appears. Click the "Delete" option in the drop-down list and then click the "Delete" button to confirm you want to remove your entry.

Enter the new or corrected URL link in the text box. Add a comment and schedule the post if necessary. Click the "Post" button.

Changing About Section Links

Click the "Edit Page" button on your Facebook business page, and then click the "Update Info" option in the drop-down list. Alternately, click the "About" link, hover over the About section and click the "Edit" button that displays.

Enter a new URL in the Website text field.

Click the "Save Changes" button to publish the new address.