How to Center Documents Vertically in Microsoft Word 2010

By Melissa King

Use vertical alignment to automatically center text.
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If you're creating a brochure or cover page for a business document, you might want to use Microsoft Word 2010 to align your text vertically. In Word 2010, you can vertically align text at the top, bottom or center of the page. Vertically centered text moves directly to the middle of the page. This gives your document a clean, professional look.

Launch Word 2010. Highlight the text that you want to vertically align.

Click the "Page Layout" tab.

Click the "Page Setup" launcher icon below Hyphenation. Click "Layout."

Click the Vertical Alignment drop-down menu and select "Center."

Click "Selected Text" and "OK." The window closes and the selected text becomes vertically centered.


To vertically center the entire document, go to the Layout tab. Click the "Apply to" menu, and then select "Whole Document."


The information in this article applies to Word 2010 and may differ for other versions.