How to Cancel an eBay Auction After Someone Wins

By Casey Anderson

Many businesses use eBay to sell products or purchase supplies. When selling items on the online auction site you may, on occasion, have to cancel an auction because the buyer didn't pay, you are unable to send the item, or for other valid reasons. Luckily, it's a simple process to cancel the auction through the eBay site. Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may also receive a credit for the Final Value Fee paid to eBay after an auction has ended.

Cancelling the Transaction

Log in to your eBay account. Send a message to the buyer and ask to him to agree to cancel the sale. You will receive a final value fee credit only if the buyer agrees to the cancellation.

Select "My eBay" at the top of your eBay homepage. Click "Sold" on the list of selections on the left side menu.

Locate the listing you want to cancel and select "Resolve a problem" from the drop-down menu.

Click "I sold an item and want to cancel the transaction" in the open Resolution Center window. Click "Continue."

Sign in to your account again to bring up the "Cancel a transaction" form. Enter the item number in the text box and click "Continue."

Type in your reason for cancelling the transaction and click "Continue." eBay will contact the buyer, who has 7 days to respond. Close the case if the buyer doesn't respond within the allotted 7 days.

Closing the Transaction

Go to the eBay Resolution Center (see link in resources) and log in with your eBay user name and password.

Select the case you want to close. Click the reason you wish to close the case. Choose "The buyer and I have completed this transaction successfully" if you have talked to the buyer and successfully resolved any conflict. Choose "I want to end communication with the buyer" if the buyer did not respond to the request for a cancellation.

Enter additional comments you'd like to make regarding the transaction in the open message box. Click "Close Case" to complete the process.


You have 60 days after the item has closed to close the case and receive a final value fee credit.