How to Burn 100 Songs Onto a Single CD-R

By Stephen Ip

Updated February 09, 2017

Burn 100 songs on a MP3 CD
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MP3 CDs are data CDs created for storing music in MP3 format. While the audio quality of music stored on MP3 CDs is lower than on music CDs, the smaller file size of MP3s allow many more songs to be stored on a single disc. Using a freely available program such as iTunes, users can convert digital music files to MP3 format and burn MP3 CDs with over a 100 songs on a single CD-ROM. ITunes is available from the Apple website and works on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Convert Songs to MP3 Format

Launch iTunes and open the Preferences menu. In Windows, click "Edit" and choose "Preferences." On Macintosh computers, click "iTunes" and choose "Preferences."

Select the "General" tab and click "Import Settings."

Select "MP3 Encoder" from the "Import Using" drop down menu and choose a bit rate from the "Setting" drop down menu. Higher quality songs will sound better but will increase the MP3 file size. To get the most songs on a single CD-ROM, choose "Good Quality (128 kbps)."

Choose the songs to convert by selecting them in the iTunes Music library. Multiple songs can be selected by pressing "Ctrl" on Windows or "Command" on Macintosh while picking songs.

Click "Advanced" in the menu bar with the songs highlighted. Choose "Create MP3 version" from the drop down menu. If the option does not appear, the songs chosen are already in MP3 format.

Burn MP3 CD

Make a playlist of the MP3 files to use for creating the MP3 CD. Select "New Playlist" from the "File" menu on either Windows or Macintosh. Give the new playlist a name, if desired.

Add MP3 files to the new playlist by right clicking the song title and selecting "Add to Playlist." Choose the playlist created earlier from the menu option. Songs can also be added by dragging the selections to the playlist.

Right-click on the name of the playlist and choose "Burn Playlist to Disc" from the pop up menu. Select "MP3 CD" for the Disc Format and click "Burn."

Insert a new CD-ROM into the computer's DVD or CD drive once prompted. Click "Burn" to create the MP3 CD.


Select a playlist to see how many megabytes of data the playlist currently contains. Typical CD-ROM discs hold 650 or 700 megabytes of data.


Copy protected music files purchased in iTunes cannot be converted to MP3 format.